New Clients:


A first session with me is 2 hours. After a first session, you may schedule hourly appointments or 20 minute clearings.

What to expect in a healing appointment after the first steps are completed:

After the first steps have been completed we continue the magic of transformation. Awakening divine and past life energies offers the fastest and most permanent change and is currently my most popular method but throughout the appointment I will use various methods according to what your soul needs.

Spirit Communication Sessions:

$80 an hour for clients who have already had sessions with me.

If this is is your first session with me a spirit communication session will still be 2 hours costing $160.

Some people desire to speak and communicate with a loved one who has passed on. For these appointments this is what one can expect:

A first appointment is still two hours because unlike other intuitive mediums, I use these appointments to reconnect the person to their loved one and help them to sense their presence without me.

I still do the first steps of a healing like cutting cords, and the work involving soul pieces, reconnection to the blue pearl, and aura and energy body blueprint resets.

While many mediums will tell you what your loved one is saying, I prefer first to heal the grief, sadness, and pain, and reconnect the energy cord to the loved one’s soul so you can start to feel and hear them yourself. There is a proper time for grieving. When the grief continues too long after the death, the energy cord is attached to the loss of the loved ones and not the loved one, making it harder to let the grief go.

I make sure the soul has moved on to the higher realms so we aren’t getting any confusion by communicating with a ghost. Then I awaken the intuition of the client and remove any obstacles to feeling their loved one. I awaken energies to help heighten intuition and connection and heal the client from their pain caused by the loss of their loved in being on earth before we call in the loved one and begin communicating. I then allow the client to ask questions and share the answers with the client. Clients are able to feel their loved one’s presence during the session and most feel them touching them during the session. I teach them to recognize the unique vibration of their loved one’s spirit so they can perceive when they are close. The energies I’ve awakened inside continue to shift the client’s energy and awaken their intuition at a pace that’s safest for them. As these energies “awaken” over the course of days and sometimes weeks, I’ve had some clients inform me at later times, that they were beginning to hear, see, and communicate with their loved one all on their own.

If it’s a first appointment, and this is all you’re seeking, it may not go the full two hours. You’ll only be charged for the time that is needed. The two hours scheduled is to ensure we have enough time to heal the grief, awaken energies and intuition, communicate with the loved one, and heal the emotions blocking them from having a connection that allows them to be aided by their loved one who’s passed on.

What happens in the “veil”?

Once a soul has moved through the “veil” into the higher realm they go through energies that heal the soul. I jokingly call it a “car wash” for the soul. The human soul is composed of numerous aspects, the “higher,” “virgin,” “pure,” is the spiritual highest part while the “lower,” is the “fallen,” “prostituted,” “animal” aspect. The dual nature of the soul allows us to function in this real while maintaining a connection the the higher realm. The “animal nature” is the instinctive part needed to keep the human alive. Instinct is needed to eat, remember to reserve food, procreate, sense danger and warn us. It’s the aspects that we need to function on earth, but it’s negative side is it can get trapped or blinded by the physical realm. If one is too attached to the physical realm they become “enslaved” or “blinded” to the senses that the lower soul thrives on. The senses are called the “animal,” “dragon,” “beast” that can devour us if we allow them to over power us. The “higher” aspect of the soul is connected to the higher self, the blue Pearl, and higher aspects that quietly call out to the human soul to bring their focus back towards the spiritual and find balance between the physical realm and the spiritual. In the Bible, its personified as female, and is called “Lady Wisdom.” Lady Wisdom, in the Bible, is said to call out to the drunk and lost humans. It’s personified differently throughout time and different cultures, but it is the higher self trying to bring the human back on track and into a life of balance and harmony.

The “car wash” cleanses the soul of the lower vibrations freeing it from the anger, pain, judgements, condemnation, hate and other negative emotions it once held. Spirits are NOT judging you. They don’t even know how once they’ve moved on. They don’t have an ego or pride that is offended if you don’t listen. They will not demand your attention. They are silent, patient, and only capable of the greatest love and understanding. When your loved one has died and passed through the veil they no longer are held down by “mere mortal” problems or thoughts. They see and have clarity about issues. If they had hate for someone, or were cruel, they regret their actions and desire the victim find healing, but they don’t feel consumed by their guilt and don’t feel shame like we do.The only sadness they are capable of isn’t even what we think of when we hear the word “sadness”. They often are “sad” when they see the people they love struggling. Other than this, they’re in a beautiful place where they aren’t suffering at all.

What happens beyond the “veil”?

That depends on the soul. I can say this higher realm is complex, beautiful, and not what I thought it was. Some “explore” seeing their lives and processing everything, some remain with souls they knew to work together to aid someone still on earth, some reincarnate quickly while others wait. Mortals yearn to understand everything but the human mind and soul while in the life experience isn’t fully capable of fully comprehending the complex higher realms that function in a completely different way with different Universal Laws then those of our physical realm. While some of us occasionally get a glimpse of the lowest energies of the higher realm, we don’t fully grasp what goes on. I believe we can’t get fully access the full experience of this realm while on earth because our minds aren’t capable while in the physical realm of fully comprehending it. 

Time Line Healing 

Time line healing is transforming heavier emotions in the soul on various levels. Present life, genetic memory (up to 4 generations back), ancestral, past life, and soul family. Time line is a heavy scrubbing and transforming which occurs within the energy blueprint, soul, and body.

Muscle Testing for Subconscious Beliefs

Occasionally I may use something called muscle testing on your behalf to search for subconscious beliefs. These can be passed down genetically so while you may not consciously believe the subconscious belief, it may be a belief the subconscious mind accepts as true. If there is a subconscious belief holding you back, I quickly transform it into the positive belief.

Clearing ghosts from your home and space- $20 for 20 min

If you have an unwelcome guest I can send the ghost where it needs to go, allowing you to reclaim your personal space, leaving you both with the peace you deserve.

Clearing someone else’s energy $20

While I cannot heal and transform anything without a person’s permission, I am able to remove any lower vibrational energies inside and around that person with or without their consent. Some people ask for me to clear  someone they know. I will clear them of lower vibrations that don’t belong to them and cut their energy cords. This session does not require you to be on the phone. I’ll schedule a 15-20 minute session and text you once it’s done providing you with any information. Energy healing is a powerful tool but when it comes to transforming energies there must always be consent. A violation of someone’s free-will to make choices in this life is a serious offense and energy work is no different. I will not make exceptions about transforming and healing anyone without their consent so please don’t ask me to because my answer will be “no”. I will not remote view to spy on someone so please do not ask me. My answer will always be “no”. Don’t seek out someone who will. We don’t touch another person’s body without consent and energy work should always be treated in the same way. While many people may mean well in wanting to work or send energies to someone without their consent, the truth is that energy work without consent can lead a person to feel different without knowing why, producing confusion, anxiety, etc. We must respect all boundaries physical and non-physical. We must recognize another person’s journey in this life is not ours and we cannot force them to change unless they wish to on their own. Clearing lower energies from someone without their consent is allowed because people respond to them, and often once they can feel their own energy again, they will regain the empowerment and clarity they need to move forward in life.

Learn Esoteric Healing Methods:

I have recently started offering some students lessons to learn my methods. If you are interested, please reach out for more information.

 Payment is due after your session. I accept PayPal and Venmo.