Scheduling a Session

To schedule a session please send a text to (801) 410-3015 or send me a direct message on Instagram with the following information:

Name and number:

Please include your name and the phone number you’d like me to call you on during your session. If you are scheduling a session on behalf of someone else, I will need their name and the number I will be calling them on for their session. Please also inform me if you are gifting the appointment to them and will be paying for their session.

Spirit communication session:

If you are desiring a session focused on spirit communication please let me know.

If you are a previous or new client:

If this your first sessionLet me know if you are scheduling a first session or if you are a returning client. You may include certain days or times that work best for you. After taking a look at my schedule, I will let you know what is available.

If you are you scheduling 1 hour or 2:

If you’ve completed previous sessions with me, please include whether you’d like to schedule for a one hour session or if you’d like 2 hours.

What you would like to focus on:

This is not required but if it is a first appointment and you’d like to share what you hope to focus on you may include this information in your request. You can say something like, “I’d like to do a spirit communication session,” “I want to schedule a healing session,” “I’m unsure what session I need,” etc.

When I call you at the scheduled time of your session, I will ask if there is anything you’d like me to know or focus on, or if you’d like me to go into your energy without any previous information, so don’t worry if you include information here and change your mind about what you want before the session.

Response time frame:

If I am currently in a session with a client it may be a few hours before I can respond to help you schedule your session. As I often go hiking or find myself on weekends in locations with poor service or no service, please be patient as I may be unable to see your request until a later time. If I don’t respond quickly it means I am currently unable to respond in that moment but I will contact you as soon as I am able.


Once we’ve confirmed a time and date for your session, you’ll receive a text confirmation. If the number you’d like me to call you on is a landline, please let me know and I can have the confirmation sent via email.

If for any reason you do not receive a confirmation via text or email by the end of the day, please let me know.

Time zone:

Keep in mind that I live in Utah and all availabible session times will be offered in Mountain Standard time. East coast is 2 hours ahead of MST, Midwest states are 1 hour ahead, and Pacific coast is 1 hour behind MST, so if I offer and you accept, for example, a 4 pm session and you live in North Carolina, it means I am offering a 4 pm session MST, which will be 6 pm in North Carolina. If you live in any place outside MST make sure you’re aware of the time difference. If you have any questions about this, I am always happy to confirm with you that we are scheduling the session for the correct time.