Transform Thyself with Intuitive Healing

“Know Thyself”

Of all the words of wisdom the ancient Greeks could have inscribed upon the Temple of Delphi, they felt this particular one was the most important message to convey to future generations. 

Healing ourselves isn’t weak. It takes great strength.  Healing begins the journey of knowing yourself.  Knowing yourself allows you to know what needs to be transformed and changed. It allows you to ascend and awaken a higher self within. Taking the time to heal produces results that benefit more than just yourself. The results from healing our inner self ripple on to produce results in the outer world. Like a rock thrown into the water, each individual interacting with the world around them leaves results that affect others. Those who transform and heal themselves begin to change the way they interact with the outer world around them, producing a rippling effect with positive results.

Every human being should strive to leave the world a little more beautiful than it was when they were entered onto this planet. Know thyself to heal thyself and then allow the magic to begin

“People see what they want to see or they see what they expect to see”

A healed individual interacts differently with people around them, and with enough healing the lens they perceive the world through is altered for the better. Our “reality” or perception of it, stems from our senses and mind. Preconceptions and experiences shape the lens through which we perceive reality. Everything that we’ve been told and experienced along with everything we perceive through our senses is “true”. Our experiences and preconceptions are confirmed as we experience what we expect or believe is true, convincing us even more. It shapes our lens, which is wired to see what it wants to see or to see what it expects to see. A fractured lens leaves us with a partially true reality. We then interpret the outer world in a way that our lens perceives it. Healing within not only changes our life and the lives of those around us, it also alters the very lens that we see through.

By healing the inner world we begin to transform the outer world. Energy is everywhere and it’s constantly in motion, interacting and responding, different vibrations are constantly in motion, preforming and interacting at all times, coming together. Dancing particles are not favoring one over another, they’re impartial, responding to the vibration of the energy within. When we change that vibration, we transform how the energy outside us interacts with the energies inside. 

What to expect with a session:

New Clients:

My sessions are done via phone. I remote view into your space and energy. Water is a great conductor for energy. We’re told not to swim or be on water during a storm because lightening sticking water is dangerous. When it comes to healing and transforming energies, a hydrated body is important. Please drink a full glass of water before your session as this makes it easier to for me to transform the energies inside and helps your body detox and heal easier. After the session it’s important to stay hydrated for the next few days as your body will be shifting vibrations. Think of it as if you’re receiving a deep tissue massage every day for the next few days. After massages client’s are told to remain hydrated and it’s important to stay hydrated after healings. If one is dehydrated they may feel tired as their body shifts frequencies and energies.

Expect a first session to be 2 hours. Any future session may be scheduled in one hour sessions for healings or the 20 minute session for simple clearings (see more information below about these sessions.)

First sessions include the following:

Placing a protective energetic barrier around you while I work in your energy

Cutting energy cords

Strengthening your aura

Resetting the energy blueprint

Reconnecting your aura to the Blue Pearl (Soul Star chakra outside the body)

Reclaiming your soul pieces (energy you’ve given away).  Sending any soul pieces belonging to others that are with you back to their rightful place

Transmuting any stagnant energies and removing any energy belonging to others

Removing any “clingers” (ghosts) that make be following and sending them where they need to go

Once these first steps are completed in the first 15-20 minutes, the fun begins as we get deeper into your own energy and shape the healing around you and your needs….

Tapping into your unique soul vibration, I intuitively sense what is going on with you. You can have a list of what you’d like to cover or I can tell you what I feel in your energy.  Most clients in a first session enjoy letting me tell them what I feel and begin to heal. They confirm afterwards that what I’ve worked are the issues they wanted to work on but there is no right way or wrong way. This is YOUR session and it’s up to you if you want to tell me upfront a list of things you’d like to address or whether you’d like me to go into your energy without any prior information.

This is about you and what you need. You will always have complete control over your session.

From here, I’ll use various methods to transform and transmute the energies blocking you from reaching your potential.

While no two sessions are alike, my most popular method is awakening divine and past life positive energies inside the body.

What do these terms mean and what does a first session entail?

Energy Cords

Energy cords are invisible cords much like a spider with a string, we are constantly interacting with energy and leaving “cords”. Einstein called particles of energy that come together and separate, only to remain at a distance with the ability to affect one another, “spooky action at a distance”. Energy cords appear every time an individual thinks about something or someone (using mental energy) or comes into contact with someone or something (using physical energy).

These cords instantly dissolve, however with each time an individual comes into contact with something or someone, or thinks about something or someone, new cords are laid down, intertwining together and strengthening the original cord, making it harder to dissolve. This is why people will think about calling someone they’re close with and occasionally have the person they’re thinking of reach out to them before they act on their thought. Have you ever said to someone, “Oh, how strange, I was about to call you”? That’s because energy is passed along these invisible cords like a two way street. Energy between people connected by strong cords is constantly in motion, moving  back and forth between them. The other person is unconsciously responding to the energy being sent their way.

People with too many cords to other people become tired more quickly and often feel burned out. “Cutting” the cords ensures I’m only “seeing” and feeling the energy of the specific client I am working on. “Cutting” cords severs the energy cords allowing the individual to reclaim energy being “drained” unconsciously. It also helps clients maintain their boundaries more easily and stay unaffected by the emotions of others around them so they can interact with the person in a more controlled and calm manner, without feeling the emotions and responding to them as if they were their own. I’ll share information on how you can cut your own cords in the future  

Sometimes a client will have energy cords tied to specific people from the past or they’ll have cords to oaths, vows, obligations, or contracts they’re consciously unaware of. The result of this is like a soul operating like a smartphone with too many apps open, the energy is drained as it flows in too many directions leaving the person feeling stuck or tired without knowing why. If someone has these types of cords I remove them. I transmute any previous oaths, contracts, obligations, or vows as well. Cords will always reform. Oaths, too, can reform if the individual consciously desires them to, but it’s important to ensure each person is consciously desiring to do something in this life versus playing a tug-of-war where their energies are wasted by spreading out in so many directions. Concentrated energies, like concentrated focus, produces results, while less concentrated energies, like less concentrated focus, does not.  People with too many cords often move forward in life as energy is focused on that cord, only to have energies  pulling them back towards another cord. Hence the tug-of-war leaving a person to move forward only to be pulled back.   

If someone made an agreement verbally in the past or even felt deeply about being with another person “forever,” they may have cords to the soul or souls they felt this way towards. If they have had numerous lives where they have done this with numerous individuals, their soul doesn’t know which cord to follow (and the person may not be here alive on earth during this time). This complicates things making it harder for the soul to move forward freely in this life as energetically it’s pulled in too many directions as it unconsciously seeks out different individuals. People who struggle to find an ideal partner often have these cords attached to numerous souls from the past. Once they’re removed the soul can use the freed up energy to bring in an ideal person, here and now.

Resetting the Aura

The aura is an invisible shield connecting the chakras, nadis (rivers), and meridian lines in the energy blueprint. Chakras are energy centers that absorb energies the body needs to function. Much like a phone needs recharging, the body gets much of its “battery” from energies taken in through the chakras. The aura allows us to feel energy without being bombarded by it. Even the earth has one, it’s called the aurora borealis or Northern Lights. The magnetic field guides protons and electons toward earth along the field towards the north and south poles. When solar wind gets past the magnetic field it enters the Earth’s atmosphere the protons and electrons come into contact with particles in the atmosphere which “shake” or release the energy. Our eyes perceive the vibrational frequencies released or “shaken out” as those on the electromagnetic spectrum which human eyes can perceive. The eyes perceive the visible spectrum frequencies as color and the earth’s magic is seen in the form of the beautiful colors we know as the Northern Lights.

The human aura acts like the earth’s energy shield, filtering, transforming, and processing energy that comes into contact with the body. Some people have weaker or softer auras (different conditions and causes can “weaken” it). When this occurs the person feels tired around others and gets “drained”. They often retreat and become introverted just to function. “I feel like I have to be a hermit or hide to feel good” is a common expression I hear from people with auras that need to be strengthened.

The human aura has been successful in filtering and processing energies since the beginning of time. With technology changing in the 20th century, we’ve become more exposed to different energy frequencies more often than before. Radio waves, microwaves, UV, X-rays… there are electromagnetic waves all around us, and we’re more exposed than ever. I noticed years ago a specific child’s aura was different. When I noticed more children with similar auras I became curious and learned that while our auras have aided us, with the over exposure to energy, pollution, processed foods, etc., they aren’t working to filter out energies as well as they used to. By resetting the aura, I remove the energy blueprint of the old aura and replace it with a “copy” of the aura these children are being born with (some individuals already have it and don’t need this done). This “newer” one will properly filter out and help process energies we’re exposed to on a daily basis.

The energy blueprint is the mold that holds the physical mass of the body. Doctors have puzzled over patients with amputations complaining about “pains,” in the location of the missing limb. These “phantom pains” are real and they’re feeling them within the energy blueprint which still holds the mold for the physical limb which has been removed. Resetting the energy blueprint helps with pain as well as removing stagnant energy. It helps the aura, chakra, and body’s energy flow properly again, which is vital to overall well-being. Indigenous cultures throughout the world have used methods to collect fish while avoiding damning streams and rivers. Stagnant energy creates stagnant life. 

The Blue Pearl

The soul star chakra is a chakra above the head. It connects the crown chakra (located in the energy blueprint where the “soft spot” on a baby’s skull is) on top of the head to our higher self, intuition, and higher vibrational energies. The “blue pearl” is an esoteric term used to describe the higher self, sometimes called the higher mind or superconscious mind, which is connected to the soul and spirit. “Remember the pearl,” an esoteric text written before the New Testament reminds us. This Gnostic Bible text tells the story of a boy who forgets his heavenly place after he leaves this father (Divine Truth) and mother (Divine Wisdom), removes his “heavenly garment” the spiritual robe, falls asleep in Egypt (the physical realm) and becomes lost and confused. The robe he left behind transforms into a guide, calling out to him to “remember the pearl” and his mission to reconnect and reclaim his “heavenly garment” (connection). The Blue Pearl is a connection to a higher life and mind while being “imprisoned,” as ancient philosophers termed it, in the physical body. “The body is the prison of the soul,” Plato wrote, attributing the statement to Socrates. The body is a vehicle the non-physical soul requires to exist in a realm confined by the Laws governing this realm like time and gravity, but the soul often feels confined by the vehicle. The “reconnection” isn’t a reconnection, for chakras always exist. They’re never closed but can become blocked. Much like debris can block and dam a stream or river on its own, the chakras can too. “Open chakras” or “unfolding chakras” are terms used to describe flowing energy free of blockages.  This reconnecting is a reawakening accessing the full energy for the soul and body to use, creating a balance between the physical and spiritual world, where the soul feels more connected to the higher energies while inside the body on this earth. 

Soul Pieces

Soul pieces are energy fragments the soul has consciously or unconsciously given away. “I gave her a piece of my heart”. When we hold a deep emotionally connection to others, whether it’s positive love or a negative experience, we unconsciously “give away” energy. Reclaiming the soul pieces after having them “washed and cleansed” (cleared of the other being’s energy), leaves the client with more energy, will-power, empowerment and direction. By removing and clearing soul pieces absorbed by the client from others and sending them back to their rightful place, the person feels more connected to their own identity and energy. Many naturally empathic people have lived their lives feeling and absorbing so much they have forgotten what it feels like to possess and feel their own energies as they’re constantly absorbing and feeling the energies of others and perceiving them as their own. It’s important to reclaim the “sacred space” inside our body and energy body, aura, and chakras. 

Clearing out other energies

There are other energies that we can absorb or collect. Empathic people and naturally more intuitive people are more susceptible to absorbing energies of others. There are so many different vibrations of energy that we can exchange in the form of physical contact, mental, and emotional energies. It’s important to ensure each person is not carrying other people’s energies. When people absorb them without knowing how to transmute or remove them, they become foggy mentally, emotionally they feel up and down, and they generally see their emotional, mental, and sometimes physical health decline. Removing and transmuting the energies that don’t belong to the individual helps them reconnect with their self, their own space, and feel better overall.


Ghosts are souls who didn’t move into the higher realm governed by different Universal Laws. The soul needs a physical body to function on earth. A body is composed of numerous aspects; the physical body, the soul, and the energy blueprint. Together, these aspects provide  a human with the ability to think, move, and function in this realm. The energy body and soul are held into the body by a vibrational attraction much like a magnet when a person is alive. When someone dies, the prana or chi leaves their body, freeing the soul from the energy holding it inside the physical body. “It wasn’t my mother,” or “It wasn’t him,” are phrases I often hear from people who see their dead loved ones body after their death. They’re right. Their loved one was the soul contained inside the body. Once their soul is gone we see the physical empty “prison” the soul once inhabited as something strange and foreign. Even someone in a coma can still appear as their self if they’re soul hasn’t fully left, but once it has they’re physical appearance feels different to their family. After death the body doesn’t look or feel like the person we loved. It’s easy to perceive the body as not feeling like who it once was, as it’s no longer who it once was. When a person dies, their soul and spirit (energy force) leaves the body. Their energy blueprint remains longer along with the physical body. The soul freed from the physical body, holds enough energy in the beginning without the body’s mold to contain it, that it has the ability to think clearly. It perceives the vibrations emitting from the realm it should go to as a bright light. Without the body mold to contain the energy, the soul begins to lose energy, which is required to think and function, making it harder for the soul to maintain and manifest the required energy needed to think clearly or manifest itself. If a soul remains past a certain period of time (about 6-9 days) its ability to think clearly begins to fade in and out. When a person loses oxygen, they believe they are mentally capable of decision making, when in reality they’re not. Bodies of people in caves, or hiking on high mountains, are found after they’ve lost oxygen and couldn’t perceive they were mentally confused and incapable of proper cognitive functioning. The soul that stays in a realm that needs a body to function begins to behave like this. Ghosts become confused, they have moments of clarity but overall don’t know how long they’ve been here as they no longer perceive time the way we do while in the body. They don’t know if their families have moved on (for sometimes it’s a hundred years or longer ago when they died). They often stay within a certain location familiar to them, or they will follow certain objects they once loved. A ghost who was a musician, for example, will follow a favorite instrument they once used, for example. The passion or emotional connection they once had to something or a specific place is still contained within their soul, making them yearn to be near what made them come alive. Some ghosts who died traumatic unexpected deaths don’t know they died and they’ll remain close to the place where they died, appearing occasionally, as if they’re trying to process what happened. Overall ghosts are recognizably different than a soul who went into “the light.” A soul who went through becomes what I call a “spirit”. A spirit who has moved on into the higher realm, appears to float a few feet off the ground, is almost invisible, with the energy constantly flowing in motion. Like a penny thrown into a water fountain, the physical realm behind the almost invisible spirit is visible but appears a little blurry from the flowing energy in front of it. A spirit has access to endless sources of energy and will not drain objects or people of energy. They think clearly and aren’t confused  

A ghost walks on the ground, sits fully on objects like a bed or chair, and is more visible. A ghost needs energy but having not gone through the “veil” it doesn’t have access to endless energies so it drains energies of objects and people to function and maintain its presence. Batteries, lightbulbs, and even people will have energies absorbed by the ghost in order for it to be strong enough to manifest and somewhat function. Ghosts pick up on emotional and mental energy. They feel it in ways a human, while in the body, cannot. Ghosts are able to feel the fear, sadness, pain, desires, and other energies of a human. They also “see further down the road” than a soul  “alive” in their body can, which allows them to “know” answers to questions psychics may ask. Speaking to ghosts is a waste of time for their answers will contradict each other and while some may be truthful or correct, others will be the opposite. Ghosts are bored, they’ve been ignored for a long time, so they’ll often say whatever the person desires them to say, much like if a human was in solitary confinement and never acknowledged for decades and then was able to get the attention they so desperately seek. Speaking to spirits is acceptable but speaking to ghosts is something I don’t recommend. While they do respond, they long term do more damage than good.

Some people have “clingers” following them around. These are ghosts that are hanging around for various reasons but can make the person tired, mentally and emotionally confused, angry, depressed, or even sick. If there are any ghosts around the client, I send them where they need to go. While ghost experiences can be fun we need to remember these are human souls who deserve peace and shouldn’t continue to suffer for our entertainment. After they’ve gone through the “veil” they can communicate with us.

Awakening energies:

Going into the client’s energy, I begin to make a list of energies that the client currently lacks or needs more of. After I’ve made a long enough list, I begin to bring these energies in “bundles” through the chakras where I let each chakra feel the energy and then duplicate the energies into the body, the energy body, chakras, and space between the body and aura as well as outside the aura. I use a higher vibration of energy to “awaken” these by going through each chakra and with the higher vibration. the energy awakens these vibrations into that area of the body, soul, and energy body. I perceive this as little bubbly like boxes containing specific vibrations and once one comes into contact with the energy I bring down, it sets off a dominoe like affect bursting the bubbles next to it. Once I’m finished with each chakra and witness it absorbing into the body, move on to the space outside the body but between the body and aura which is where nadis (river) connecting the chakras are located. These are pathways connecting the chakras to one another the energy flows through. Then I  awaken the energy outside the aura.

What is the instant result?

Clients being to feel “lighter,” “clearer mentally,” “clam,” “relaxed,” “lighthearted,” more “happy,” “optimistic,” and “hopeful” instantly. They feel like “a weight has been lifted” off their body. Some feel the energy awakening inside like little tingles, some feel their body temperature change, some see their fingers or toes twitch as I awaken energies in that specific area. Others have felt clogged sinus draining, pressure being released, pain lessen and disappear, tensions and aches transform, etc.

Occasionally I’ve had a few people among those in this world who have a lot of energy that’s stagnant in their bodies so they don’t feel anything for the first 20-30 minutes of the session but as I continue to awaken more of these energy “bundles” the old energy begins to transform and shift and even those needing the most help begin to feel what’s happening.

What is the long term result?

The long term result is a beautiful gift that’s helped me transform my own life for the better. Many healers have clients who need to repeatedly come back to maintain the high vibrations or effect of a healing. By awakening the higher vibrations inside the body and soul, the lower vibrations are transformed to match the higher making it less difficult to have the effect of a healing disappear.   

Like attracts like so whatever frequency the soul and body currently is vibrating it will attract and absorb more of. Once the vibration is shifted people don’t have to work so hard to maintain the newer and higher vibrations. Life becomes easier. 

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I have had a lot of things going on in my life and I desperately needed some energy work. Sarah did the most amazing job. I was having lower back pain, hip and wrist pain. It is now completely gone! My heart, soul and mind are much lighter.

I have been feeling very lost for a while. I have struggled with my mental help and spiritual connection for years. Today, I had a first session. I wasn’t sure what I wanted or needed…. I felt everything melt away. Every negative thought, emotion… could be felt leaving my body. I honestly haven’t felt this light in my entire life. I can’t thank Sarah enough for the healing and clarity.